The essential micronutrients required for plants are also essential for humans growth, development, disease resistance and general health. Though farmers and agronomist concentrate chiefly on the effect of micronutrients on yield and quality of crops, researchers and human health organizations are increasing our awareness of how important micronutrient content in food and feed crops is for the health of humans and farm animals. You may be surprised to know that zinc deficiency is a major global cause of childhood mortality and disease. Articles in this section will provide information on this important contribution of zinc to human and animal health. The IPNI article titled "Overcoming Human Zinc Deficiencies with Proper Fertilization" addresses efforts by The HarvestPlus Zinc Program to improve the nutritional quality of cereals using soil and foliar applications of zinc fertilizers. The full article INPI Research report  can be read by clicking on the link below.

Zinc prevention of Disease

Often news coverage of fertilizer products is unfavorable and inaccurate covering only problems without a balanced coverage of benefits. Zinc has recently received some favorable news coverage regarding its very positive and actually life saving role in preventing and treating life threatening diarrhea. Times magazine reported on Aug 17, 2009 international work to save lives using zinc. Organizations such as U.S. Agency for International Develpment have begun programs to distribute ziinc in villages in Bangladesh, India, Mali, and Pakistan to save lives currently being taken by diarrhea.The articles can be found at,8816,1914655,00.html

Another artlcle in Scientiic American November 3, 2009 entitled "An Elemental Solution: Using Zinc to Stave Off Childhood Diarrhea in Developing Countries" written by Katherine Harmon noted that childhood diarrhea kills some 1.5 million children under the age of five every year, according to the World Health Organization. It notes that a 10-day course of zinc tablets, promises to not only treat children who have diarrhea but also to help prevent future bouts with the same conditon. The article can be found at