BLU-MIN Zinc Powder is a valuable source of zinc in the form of zinc sulfate monohydrate. Zinc is an essential nutrient in plant and animal nutrition. Crops grown in zinc deficient soils will suffer large yield and quality losses. Animals that have been fed a diet deficient in zinc are susceptible to a number of health related illnesses.

BLU-MIN Zinc Powder is 100% water-soluble and has the same low levels of impurities as the other BLU-MIN zinc products. Because of the small particle size, BLU-MIN Zinc Powder goes into solution very rapidly.

BLU-MIN Zinc Powder is used when a more rapidly dissolved zinc sulfate is needed. Powder is used as a foliar feed, in liquid formulations and as an essential mineral to fortify animal feeds.

BLU-MIN Zinc Powder is available FOB our Moxee, WA facility.