Ultra Yield 33.3% Zinc-Granular with Sulfur contains 33.3% zinc sulfate monohydrate and 18% sulfur. Ultra Yield 33.3% is a white granule that has very low heavy metals concentrations and small amounts of magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, calcium sulfate, and sodium that lower the zinc concentration to 33.3%.

Ultra Yield 33.3% is 100% water soluble and has a very hard granule which reduces dust during handling.  Ultra Yield 33.3% will be priced significantly lower per pound of zinc than our Ultra Yield 35.5% Zinc Sulfate granular not because it an inferior product but because it costs us less to produce. It has a screen analysis of -5 +8 for excellent blending with your fertilizer products.

Ultra Yield 33.3% is sold in bulk, 1-ton supersacks, and 40 x 50 lb. bags. Product is available FOB in Moxee, WA, Moorhead, Minnesota, Rock Island, Illinois and Hastings, Nebraska.

Zinc is an essential element in plant nutrition. Crops grown in Zinc deficient soils will suffer large losses of yield and quality. Moderate Zinc deficiency, even when visual deficiency symptoms are not present, can cause significant yield losses.

Zinc is a micronutrient and therefore needed in small quantities by crops. Though only a relatively small amount of zinc is needed these critical levels are essential to obtain good quality and high yielding crops. Corn, beans, citrus, deciduous fruit trees, flax, grapes, hops, onions, pecans, and pine are very sensitive to inadequate Zinc nutrition.

Mildly sensitive crops are alfalfa, clovers, cotton, potatoes, sorghum, sugar beets, soybeans and tomatoes. Crops annually remove Zinc from the soil and this requires the amount of zinc in the soil and in crop tissues to be regularly monitored to insure adequate levels.

Particular attention should be given to zinc levels in high pH alkaline soils, limed acid soils, and soils with naturally occurring free lime as these soils are often zinc deficient. High soil phosphorus levels can also induce Zinc deficiency by interfering with zinc translocation within the plant.